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    Streamline Leisure are seeking out FESTIVAL  MARKET TRADERS  to apply for their festivals and events for the current season, please contact for more details and registration forms.


    Streamline Leisure are seeking out for CATERING TRADERS for Festivals and Events for the current season, Please contact  for further details and registration forms


Sundown Music Festival 2019 - Non Food Trader Registration Form

Full Name:
Trading Name:
Onsite Contact Number:
Type Of Stall:
What will you be selling:

Documentation (where applicable)

- Public Lability Insurance
- Employers Liability Certificate
- Risk Assessment

Stall Size

The dimensions provided below will be the pitch you are provided with on site. Please accurately list these dimensions below. There will be no option for last minute re-sizing once on-site.

Stall Frontage - must include guy-ropes, tow-bars and the accurate size of your stall or Unit
Stall Depth - must include guy-ropes, tow-bars and the accurate size of your stall or Unit
Pitch Length - must include all tow bars and menu boards
Pitch Depth - must include all back of house operations

Stall Frontage (in metres):
Stall Depth (in metres):
Pitch Length (in metres):
Pitch Depth (in metres):

Stall Pictures

- Picture of your stall
- Picture of your stall (2)

Crew Passes

The amount of passes you will be allocated depends of the size of stall and pass availability

Staff Passes:
Staff Camping Passes* :
* There is no camping in the arena area behind your stalls, there is a designated staff campsite nearby

Vehicle Passes

Please Enter The Amount Of Passes You Require.

Type of Vehicle (Please include Registration Number)

Onsite Vehicle Passes:
Staff Car Park Passes:


It is your responsibility to ensure that you bring all correct adaptors and cables.

All payments for power must be made prior to the event.

Supply Price Number Total
16 amp     TBC        
32 amp TBC
64 amp TBC

Description of your stall

Please write a description of your stall/unit.

Please include images of your stall, a full copy of your proposed menu or a list of items you wish to sell (please include prices)

Terms & Conditions

Please Download the 2019 T&C's Print, Sign and Upload them back to your Application. Please retain pages 1 – 7 for your documentation

Click here to download the Terms and Conditions PDF

Upload Signed Terms & Conditions

- Signed Terms & Conditions

Any additional documents, pictures or files which may support your application should be sent to

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